LimeSurvey Plugin – Question Cookies


The Limesurvey Question Cookie Plugin offers the possibility to prefill a question from a cookie as well as to save a cookie after the question is answered.

This could be used as an alternative to prefilling answers through query parameters, when needing to prefill answers every time, but only a few of those times the survey is started through a URL containing the right parameters.

Also, could be usefull when needing to remember usernames and other user based fields, which are usually, linked to the device. It is possible to setup the questions as to prefill and also save the values to cookies. Answers will be saved after the first response and will be prefilled after. If the user changes, after he changes the answers, the new values will be used for prefilling.

Please inquire about support with versions prior to 3.x.


If you are using a LimeSurvey Professional Hosted installation (as opposite to on premise), before purchasing, please contact LimeSurvey to review the installation process.