LimeSurvey Excel Report


The Limesurvey Excel Report plugin generates Excel reports from your Excel templates merged with the individual responses. No coding is necessary.

The reports can be generated upon new responses or triggered manually from links which can be included on confirmation e-mails. Also they can be launched by the Survey Administrator through links in the admin screen.

The plugin works with token based surveys as well as open surveys.

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The Limesurvey Excel Report plugin creates a Excel Reports out of the survey responses by providing advanced export functionality.

Question Types

The plugin supports most common questions types as:

  • Single Choice
  • Arrays
  • Mask
  • Text
  • Multiple choice
  • File upload

Please send us a sample survey so we can demo it on the plugin for you.



The plugin creates documents based on Excel templates that you can upload. As it you can brand the reports with your company logo, colors, font style, …

Templates are set at survey level, so you can reuse your templates among different surveys or as well have a different report for each survey.

Your Own Content
It does not only export your answers to Excel but also lets you add your own pages with extra information or details about the responses or how they are evaluated.
– Create additional sheets with extra information
– Format Cells
– Create Charts and Pivot Table from the exported data

By having the data on a well formatted Excel document, you can add your own comments and later PDF print them and send them to final users.

Extend it
The plugin can be extended to include complex calculations, charts and pictures uploaded to LimeSurvey. This is very usefull for Assessment Reports or Exam Certifications.

If you are using a LimeSurvey Professional Hosted installation (as opposite to on premise), before purchasing, please contact LimeSurvey to review the installation process.

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