Based on our skills, we offer the following services:

  • Survey Building

  • LimeSurvey Support

  • General Support

Survey Building

We are LimeSurvey specialists, the leading open source platform for online surveys.

In 95% of cases, the platform matches the requirements of the survey. Thus, we recommend our customers to build their surveys through this platform, optimizing their available resources.

There are special surveys, such as in the field of Social Network Analysis, where LimeSurvey elements is not the best option. In such situations, we recommend the development of ad-hoc surveys in PHP / MySQL or .NET technologies without the support of a platform surveys.

Limesurvey Surveys

As of building surveys in LimeSurvey, our services include:

  • Hosting for the survey to be available on Internet.
  • Installation.
  • Configuration.
  • Creation of Surveys in the platform.
  • Customization and Custom Developments:
    • Validations.
    • Custom Question Types.
    • Excel Exports.
    • PDF Exports.
    • Integration with external applications.
  • Template Design and Adapting.

Surveys Development Ad-Hoc

The development of an ad-hoc survey is similar to the development process of a regular application, involving the following steps:

  • Requirement Gathering
  • Analysis
  • Design
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Implementation
  • Go Live

LimeSurvey Support

We provide on-site and remote support to solve questions and inquiries related to the configuration and customization of LimeSurvey. This support can be provided in:

  • One time Questions.
    We have pay-as-use support plans, with immediate registration, so we can provide support without any delay.
  • Monthly plans with packages starting from 10 hours.

General Support and Survey Execution Tracking

We provide support throughout the entire life cycle of the survey,

  • 1st level support to participants,
    • While answering the survey.
  • 2nd level support to our customers,
    • Providing information about the progress and advancement of the ongoing survey
    • After completion of the survey, during the extraction and processing of results.


We prefer Agile methodologies, based on multiple small iterations, keeping the scope of each cycle under control and sharing with our customers the plan for future cycles.

Of course, we also work with traditional methodologies, based on medium and long development cycles.

Offshore Services

We speak and work either in Spanish or English.

Our strategic location (Argentina) allows us to share our working day with other regions.

  • 4~5 hours with European Countries.
  • 4~5 hours with west US.
  • 1~2 hours with east US.
  • 0~2 hours with other LatinaAmerican countries.

These 2 capabilities give us the chance to provide offshore services with little effort to coordinate meetings and co-working.

If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!