About us

Encuesta.Biz offers consulting and development services for conducting professional online surveys. We are LimeSurvey service partners, the leading open source platform for online surveys. We have experience in Census Surveys, Organizational Surveys, Social Network Analysis for Organizations and 360 degrees surveys.

Based in Argentina, we provide local services, as well as offshore services to Latin America, America and Europe.

We have experience. We are flexible. We support our customers.

Professional surveys are more complex than regular questionnaires. Our goal is to simplify the building, execution and analysis of professional surveys.

We have been involved in survey services since year 2000,

  • creating ad-hoc survey systems,
  • customizing and developing over survey platforms as Limesurvey
  • and integrating surveys to legacy systems (Excel, SPSS, Access, NetForms, …).

Our service offering starts with the design of the survey until exporting your results:

  • Survey design
  • Customization and Custom developments
  • Platform Installation
  • Hosting
  • On going support
  • Exporting Results

To know more about us, please read about our skills and service offering.

Please, ask us about our previous experience, references and portfolio.

If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!