Limesurvey Sendgrid Plugin

Limesurvey SendGrid is an email service useful when needing to send mass emails professionally.

Some of its main features include:
– Mass Email Sending: SendGridis designed to be able to send thousands of emails.
– Anti-SPAM technology: Sends email in a way that email clients don’t mark them as SPAM.
– Email Tracking: Allows you to know which emails have been delivered, which have been opened, which were not delivered…

Sendgrid Sync Plugin lets LimeSurvey take advantage of SendGrid features.
– Allows LimeSurvey to send emails through SendGrid.
– Allows LimeSurvey to fetch SendGrid information and show them on your token information.
– Adds charts to LimeSurvey showing email sending statistics.

Please contact for more information about the plugin.