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Pivot Table - Heatmap
The Limesurvey Pivot Table and Charts plugins is a great analysis tool that enhances Limesurvey reporting and statistical core tools. The plugin will enable a new “Pivot Analysis” button for launching the analysis cockpit, from where you can analyze your responses online through Pivot Tables, Charts and Filters The Available output methods […]

Limesurvey Pivot Table and Charts

Word Excel Report Plugin - Sample Expport Page 1
The Limesurvey Word Excel Report plugin creates a Word or Excel Report out of the survey responses by providing advanced export functionality. It does not only export your answers to Word or Excel but also lets you: – Create additional pages with extra information (Word) – Create additional sheets with […]

Limesurvey Reporte Word Excel Plugin

Limesurvey SendGrid is an email service useful when needing to send mass emails professionally. Some of its main features include: – Mass Email Sending: SendGridis designed to be able to send thousands of emails. – Anti-SPAM technology: Sends email in a way that email clients don’t mark them as SPAM. […]

Limesurvey Sendgrid Plugin

QTip Plugin
QTip ( is a fantastic JS library for showing tooltips, those yellow pop-up windows. QTip enhances tooltips with a different set of features, as for example, changing color, adding a title… Limesurvey QTip Plugin allows Limesurvey to use show help text as QTip. Price: 50 usd. Please contact for […]

Limesurvey QTip Plugin

Limesurvey SMS service lets Limesurvey take advantage of SMS features, allowing administrators to send invitations and reminders through SMS, directly into participant mobile phones. Please contact for more information about the plugin.

LimeSurvey SMS Service

The Limesurvey HideSaveAll Plugin offers the possibility to hide the Save All button for specific situations. For example, ony if the user has already submitted the survey. Please contact for more information about the plugin. Price: 50 usd.

Limesurvey HideSaveAll Plugin

The Limesurvey QuickSubmit Plugin offers the possibility to quickly submit answers for a survey, without having to navigate to the end of the survey for doing the submission. It is very usefull when reopening or editing responses is allowed. In that way, the participant corrects the answer and submits quickly. […]

The Limesurvey QuickSubmit Plugin

Read Only customization service extends LimeSurvey core by adding a Read Only mode, allowing participants to browse and view their answers on a read-only mode, without allowing to change them. Please contact for more information about the extension.

Limesurvey Read Only Customization Service